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for the love of god someone summarise this for people with short attention spans

There’s a short live-action re-enactment of an early Garfield strip. The strip is not funny.

 A man then spends an hour talking into the camera about how he believes it is the single greatest work of art on Earth, the layers of deeper meaning in the strip, and his lifelong quest to uncover its meaning. This takes place over the course of what appears to be a single unbroken take, accompanied by various words and images illustrating his points.

This is an accurate description

The acting is really good, seriously – I have no idea whether he memorized this whole giant monologue or ad-libbed some/all of it, but it just works perfectly, the character is seamlessly believable

When I see the world, the politics, the future, the satellites in space and the people who put them there, you could look at everything as a man and a cat. Two beings, in harmony, and at war.

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