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you know, instead of ““““headcanoning”””” popular youtubers as lgbt+, people could try, i dunno, watching and supporting actual lgbt+ youtubers??

@branded-blade ask and ye shall receive!!

- heather alexandra (trans woman, plays a bit of everything)

- the cabal (channel run by wlw partners patricia & danielle)

- ellaguro (trans woman, mostly plays old shooters/indie games)

- nonbinary robot (nb, plays a bit of everything)

- tanya d. (bi, advocates for more diversity in games)

- kathleenmms (lesbian, plays lots of new releases)

- angelarts (mlm & married, plays a bit of everything & also has a series about lgbt+ representation in games)

that’s all i’ve got for now, but others can add any they know!!

Relatively new, but good friends of mine, Gamebag is two trans peeps. Lots of gaming and rl stuff too.

also mechamelodious, who’s an nb lesbian who does a lot of jrpgs and horror games - they’re currently in the middle of persona 5

laura kate (gay trans woman, plays a bit of everything and is currently covering e3 and doing a loz:botw playthrough)

jim sterling (bi, gaming journalist who critiques the gaming industry)

jimmy whetzel (gay, mainly nintendo stuff)

i dont have a link cause mobile but stef sanjati is the sweetest and shes also a transwoman!

MrKravin (gay, he’s super chill, plays mostly horror games, also streams on Twitch!)

brutalmoose (he’s a gay man and easily one of my favorite youtubers, he typically reviews games meant for children but has another series called televoid where he watches and makes fun of old live action shows, really nice guy)

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