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blogs that make fun of “bad” art by random internet artists (as opposed to big studios, etc) are awful and malicious, and i say this as someone who used to be an avid follower of such blogs in my edgy tween days and as someone whose art was once featured on such a blog (one of the popular ones). i didn’t understand how badly it hurt until it happened to me because i was a thoughtless child, and it made me stop drawing altogether for almost a year. if it happened again today obviously it wouldn’t have that effect on me because I Am An Adult and i’ve learned how to handle even spiteful criticism, but to 13-year-old emotionally stunted me, it was devastating.

don’t make fun of a kid’s art, however Cringey you see it as. it’s inexcusable.

Looking at you, “Deviantart Cringe” YouTube guy

Not to dwell on the past but I went through one of the largest scale versions of this a person can go through and im still messed up from it lol.
Give young artists time to develop 😩

that said, i will always make fun of shitty art trends, because i can and nobody can stop me

plebcomics i honestly didn’t even know you were still alive and it takes some major balls for you to talk about shitty art trends because your derivative-ass noodly offbrand-calarts style gives me hot flashes

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